Anyone who really thinks about what it’s like to raise a kid will realize that parenting is not easy. When people throw their two cents in to tell you what you should be doing to be a better parent, that doesn’t make things any easier. Celebrity moms, because they’re in the spotlight, can be easy prey for trolls out there.

Take Chrissy Teigen getting shamed for going out shortly after the birth of her daughter Luna, for instance.

Backlash over a photo that the mega-talented singer, actor, and producer John Legend – who happens to be Teigen’s husband – posted on Instagram shows that celebrity dads get their fair share of haters, too.

Legend’s photo shows him carrying Luna while out for a stroll. Not only is Luna absolutely adorable, Legend totally looks like the “cool dad.” Seems completely sweet and innocent, right? Most fans reacted like @amberleo1, who wrote: “Your family makes my heart so unbelievably happy!!”

Incredibly, not everyone felt that way. For some reason, @queenhollandmeissner jumped on the simple fact that Legend was carrying Luna, commenting “so tired of seeing them carrying her. she needs no legs then.”

When did a dad carrying his daughter become something wrong? Aside from the fact that our celebrity dad was being safe in carrying Luna – who’s not even 2 – down a busy city street sidewalk, why would anyone hate on a dad showing love for his daughter?

Many, many comments express support for Legend, like this one from @jrael1953: “There is no reason why you can’t carry your daughter. No one knows how cool it is to see affectionate parents.” @theanderson_4 wrote: “My daughter is 14 years old and if I could still carry her I would! She is, and will always be my baby! Cherish every moment.”

As we’ve seen, Teigen is no stranger to mom shaming, or to getting back at trolls. That’s where the really interesting part of this story comes in. Teigen took to Instagram to respond directly to @queenhollandmeissner: “are you so tired of it? Does it make you so sad and upset? We are so sorry to make you, queen holland meissner of the universe, sad and upset.”

Teigen’s sarcasm is spot-on, capturing the feeling of those of us that think the comment about Legend carrying Luna is ridiculous. A strong wife as well as a mom, Teigen was ready to defend her husband and daughter in an instant.

John Legend offered his own response to quick-judging haters during in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I think the best advice for all of us is, let parents be parents and don’t criticize based on what you see on social media.” Point being: everyone has their own way of parenting, and any parent doing their best to be loving and caring should be respected.

With Legend and Teigen expecting their second child later in 2018 (a baby boy), we’re hoping to see more adorable pictures — and less trolling! In the meantime, check out the video below to see Legend and Luna, and to hear Teigen’s full response to @queenhollandmeissner.

Source: Entertainment Tonight