Josie Bowers is a 19-year-old resident of Canada who recently shared a disturbing experience she had when she was 15. In a series of videos posted to TikTok, the young lady shared what happened when she was on vacation with her family at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. 

One day, Bowers came back to her hotel room to take a shower while the rest of her family was still enjoying time at the beach. She was staying at a Hilton hotel, and she locked the door behind her when she entered the hotel room. She assumed she was safe in the hotel room by herself, but then she saw something strange. Watch the video below to see a recreation of what she saw come under her hotel room door.

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In part 2 of the video series, Bowers explained that she couldn’t call her family for help because she didn’t have cell phone service. She added that her first thought was, “Holy, shit, I’m in a towel right now and someone is about to break in and get me.” She went on to explain that she slammed the door closed and used the deadbolt.

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The story isn’t over yet. Bowers wasn’t sure if it really was a Hilton employee trying to fix her door or not, so she cracked the door open. Thankfully, she knew a way to scare the intruders away, and she learned the tip from her stepdad who is a police officer.

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Bowers is thankful that her stepdad told her to never let anyone know she is alone. She hopes others can use this tip to stay safe and scare off potential intruders. In her forth video, she shares additional tips about how to stay safe when traveling or if you’re alone.

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TikTok users definitely appreciate Bowers sharing her story to bring awareness.

Some TikTok users are sharing their own safety tips in the comments.

Do you deadbolt the door when you stay at a hotel? What would you have done differently if you had been in Bowers’ position? What hotel safety tips do you have to share?