By now, we’re well aware of all the horrible things coronavirus has done to our country. It’s killed hundreds of thousands of people and infected many others, increased unemployment to sky-high rates, and have left children out of school, cooped up at home.

The latter affects a lot of things. Besides parents trying to work from home on top of entertaining their children and kids being bored as heck and missing their friends, no school also means no food for many youngsters. Some students rely on schools for their meals, and without school, parents might not be able to afford lunch or dinner.

Well, that wasn’t going to bode well for one grade school teacher in the United Kingdom named Zane Powles. You see, Powles , a former soldier, immediately recognized that kids might be out a meal once schools closed their doors—and he knew he had to do something about it.

“My first thought was how are we going to get our children meals,” Powles said. “We have vulnerable families that need help so we had to come up with a plan.”

Powles took matters into his own hands. He decided to map out exactly what students relied on free school lunches and deliver them the food they needed.

That’s right—he lugs around school meals, sometimes weight over 39 pounds, and hand delivers kids food, sometimes walking five miles a day, sometimes over 100 miles a week.

“I’m just glad I’m able to step up and do my part,” he said.

Since the outbreak began, he delivers food to around 78 students in need every day, just so they could eat. Not only that, but the prep work to do all of this isn’t easy. The meals are prepared by the school’s cafeteria staff, but Powles packs the meals himself—which usually consist of a sandwich, two pieces of fruit, chips, and dessert— into several different bags before getting on his path to deliver the meals.

Powles always rings the doorbell and waits (from a distance) to make sure the food is claimed by the students. The kids who receive meals absolutely love to see their teacher at their front door every day. “The kids are really happy to see me believe it or not,” he said.

Along with the meals, Powles also delivers homework to the kids. Well, this isn’t a vacation after all! Even so, the students are still happy to see him. “It’s great because I can make sure all our families are okay and keep that connection to school for the kids,” Powles said. To hear from Powles himself, and more about what he’s doing to help students in need, check out the video below.

How sweet is it of this teacher to hand-deliver meals to students?