It’s back to school time again, and we’re appreciating our teachers more than ever. We don’t know how teachers do it. As parents, we sometimes struggle to navigate the whole day with our children underfoot, but teachers have to navigate their day with 10, 20, or even 30 or more students in their classroom at one time. It can’t be easy, but they often make it look easy.

Teachers to particularly young children, say preschools and kindergarteners, sometimes have a specific way of talking to their students in order to get them to listen and understand what they need to do and why. They don’t talk to the students like they are adults. They don’t dismiss them like their feelings or questions are unimportant. Instead, they have a great way of breaking down concepts so that young minds can understand.

Imagine talking to politicians like they were in kindergarten. It sounds funny, right? It sounds silly even. Or, maybe it could actually be a really good idea, patronizing, yes, but perhaps still a good idea. Maybe seen through the eyes of a kindergarten teacher, concepts become a little bit easier to grasp.

One kindergarten teacher who goes by Mrs Frazzled on TikTok has been posting comedic videos where she pretends to talk to politicians like they are in her kindergarten class.

Last year, she posted videos where she pretended that President Joe Biden had invited her to speak at a press conference.

More recently, she pretended she was talking to former President Donald Trump about the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago.

@mrs.frazzledmight need admin on this one♬ original sound – frazz

@mrs.frazzledgonna have to change strategies, but sometimes we have to try new things! ??♬ original sound – frazz

Her followers are loving her videos and her boldness for posting them. One comment on her latest video reads, “Okay but that toothpaste analogy is excellent and I’m stealing that to use with my littles.”

Another viewer shared, “I still use first/then with my young adult children. I’m a preschool teacher through and through!”

One viewer wrote, “You are a comic genius! Lol”

Another person commented, “Your content is my new guilty pleasure. Have a good year.”