Halloween is one of those fun holidays where we see tons of creativity unleashed. In the DIY department, it’s anything goes!

Since stores start filling their shelves with decorations, costumes, and crafts around August or September, you can easily snatch up supplies before they’re dried up. This year, it’s LED tea lights that you need to toss into your shopping basket.

There are a few cute Halloween DIY ideas floating around the web, and we’re sharing some of them right here. You can find LED tea lights at your local dollar store – or at major retailers – with basic white bulbs or in multiple colors. Lay them out and turn them into one of these simple decorations!

  1. Easy Hanging Pumpkins

    Up first is this idea shared on Country Living from the FoodnService blog. The tea lights are painted orange and have jack o’ lantern faces drawn on with a black marker. You only need a few materials to make these adorable hanging pumpkin tea lights: orange spray paint, black marker, tea lights, and yarn.

    Paint, dry, draw, and hang; that’s all there is to it. Gather your kids and make them together by following the tutorial here.

  2. Scary Hands

    Take a look at these creepy skeleton hands from TarynWilliford.com. These are perfect for a haunted house or Halloween party, and your artistic skills can handle the bony design. Grab some latex gloves, LED lights, and a marker. This creative blogger also suggests slipping your light under an upside down jar so it’s easier to flip it on and off.

  3. Glittery Jack O’ Lanterns

    For those who believe that glitter makes everything better, you’ll love this idea from Smart School House. Crafted with orange tea lights (found at Wal-Mart) and popsicle sticks, these are easy to make with the family and can be handed out as favors or used to decorate your home.

  4. Mummy Time

    You won’t find an easier way to mummify something than with these luminaries by AlittleClaireifcation. The dollar store carries the flameless tea lights, gauze bandage, and glass jars that you need. If you can’t find Mason jars there, you could also use candle holders!

  5. Glowing Heads

    For a glowing yet cheap Halloween project, check out these little guys made from LED tea lights and ping pong balls. With just a marker, everyone can go crazy creating facial expressions and monstrous moods on the illuminated heads. For an extra ghost-like effect, throw a doily or some muslin over the tiny globe. Get the deets at Pagingfunmoms.

We know some people like to go all out for Halloween, and with these inexpensive projects, you can get your whole crew involved without breaking the bank. And the great thing about these flameless tea lights is that when this holiday is over, you can repurpose them for the next festive occasion.

Now is the time when you can find lights with colored plastic casing or flames, so you can make your ornaments as spooky or adorable as you want. Don’t forget to take pictures of your creations!

Did you realize you could make all these Halloween decorations with LED tea lights? Which of these projects would you love to try? Are you big on Halloween décor?