Some people feel self-conscious about their scars. And it’s only natural too, right? After all, they’re a mark on your skin that no one else has.

Though scars tell a story about you as a person—and likely a unique one at that—it’s okay to want to cover it up. Meet Tran Thi Bich Ngoc, a Vietnamese tattoo artist, who decided that he was going to help women feel better about themselves by helping them cover up their scars or other body marks they don’t want shown anymore.

Covering up scars with tattoos—how hard could it be, right?Alas, Ngoc’s work is unreal.He’s able to take whatever scar he’s presented with and transform it into the most beautiful body art. He has the ability to turn a scar into a flower, a burn into a cat, or a blemish into a butterfly. His Instagram @ngocliketattoo is proof of all of his amazing work. Check out our top favorite tatoos used to cover up scars, and then check out some more on his feed!

Arm Scar Tattoo

Shoulder To Arm Scar Tattoo

Stomach Scar Tattoo

Knee Scar Tattoo

Belly Scar Tattoo

Under Arm Scar Tattoo

Spring Blossom Hand Scar Tattoo

Sunset Forearm Scar Tattoo

Shoulder Blade Scar Tattoo

Back Scar Tattoo

Wow! What do you think of these tattoos? Would you ever get a tattoo to cover up a scar?