We all know how to make your basic grilled cheese: grab some bread, some cheese, maybe some butter, and toss it on a griddle or in a frying pan until the cheese melts. This sandwich . . . is not that. Not at all. Spoon University on Yahoo swaps out the frying pan for a waffle iron, adds some bacon and jalapeños to the mix, and makes it all something special by making the bread out of an another childhood fave: tater tots. Check. This. Out.

You’ll Need

– 28 to 32 ounce bag tater tots
– 4 to 6 slices, or 1/2 cup shredded, cheddar cheese
– 5 to 10 slices bacon
– 1 to 2 tablespoons jalapeño, chopped (optional)

It’s like all of our favorite childhood foods come together! The written recipe is available both on Yahoo and on Spoon University’s site, so we have no excuse not to give this one a try. Have you ever seen something like this sandwich before?