Solve Your Boob Sweat Problems

Ladies: what is one of the first things you like to do when you arrive home after a long day? Snatching that bra off, right?

You either Houdini it through your sleeves without taking your top off or you change your clothes, letting out a “woo!” as you free the girls. But ditching the bra itself only solves one problem. What about boob condensation?

There’s no sensation quite like boob condensation – a.k.a. boob sweat – and it can really spoil how you move around comfortably. In a flash of genius, one woman has invented the Ta-Ta Towel to catch beads of sweat before they start their relay race down your chest.

Erin Robertson has women and netizens all over the world raving about her creation. She thought there had to be a way to put a stop to the sweat drops. There had to be a way to stop the annoyance of wiping away the moisture while trying to do hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

The towel is designed to wrap around the neck and cup the breasts right underneath where sweat likes to collect. An adjustable strap secures it to the body and helps to raise the breasts off the skin. Intended for women with larger breasts, the towel is available in sizes C through H.

It’s been winning over the most skeptical of women. Suspiciously-raised eyebrows are being replaced with blissed-out expressions. Well-endowed ladies will appreciate the soft fabric, the adjustable raised fit, and the towel’s stop-and-absorb abilities.

Basically, this woman is a hero. Testimonies are scattered around the web in articles, blog posts, and social media comments. Breastfeeding moms love the leak prevention and comfort the towel provides. Yoginis and exercise buffs are digging how it nips the drips in the bud after working out.

Lounging around has become that much more enjoyable too. Flopping, sweltering, heat-generating hooters are being checked by this cotton wonder. Does this sound like a dream?

The Ta-Ta Towel comes in different colors and sizes and sells for $45. It’s become so popular that some women have put it on their Christmas wish lists for this year. Since the summer, Erin’s unique invention has kicked up a storm online and she’s seen a huge surge in demand. They’re selling like hotcakes!

There are even some women who have tried cheap knockoffs to compare to Erin’s version and are finding there’s a difference in fit. If you’re on the fence but are a sufferer of endless boob sweat, it may be worth a try. Your underboob deserves better treatment.

Click on the clip below to see what the Ta-Ta Towel looks like and to hear more details about it. If you want to learn more, check out the website Who knows? Maybe you’ll decide to leave your t-shirts and hand towels to other duties and give this a shot?

What are your thoughts on the Ta-ta towel? Are you interested in trying one of these out or have you already? Do you regularly deal with boob sweat?