No matter where you live, there’s undoubtedly a stretch of road that’s infamously scary to everyone who lives in the area. Maybe it’s an extra-curvy road or an incredibly steep hill, but we’ve all been confronted with a driving experience that makes us grip the steering wheel a little harder.

But we doubt that those roads are anything close to this incredibly intimidating bridge.

The Eshima Ohashi bridge in Sakaiminato, Japan, also known as “The Roller Coaster Bridge”, was built because the river underneath has a busy stream of boat traffic. The bridge needed to be tall enough that the areas’ largest boat could easily sail underneath. Even with this tall order, we doubt anyone was expecting a bridge quite like this to be created.

This structure is called “The Roller Coaster Bridge” for a reason. After scaling an extremely steep hill, you then have to take the terrifying decent down the other side of the hill. Looking at the pictures is enough to make our stomachs drop!

The bridge is beautifully designed, and though the slope looks extremely steep in these pictures, the engineers were able to design it with a max slope of 6.1 percent, which is pretty good.  This means that for every 100 feet of horizontal distance the bridge extends, it rises 6.1 feet.

Uphill view on the Roller Coaster BridgeWhat's Hot

Local government claims that the bridge is completely “safe for all drivers”, and the record would back up this claim. As of yet, there has not been a single accident on this bridge, in fact it’s ranked as one of the 24 top tourist attractions in Sakaiminato. People have been coming from far and wide just to drive over this intimidating hill and experience a little bit of thrill.

The internet has been pretty torn over this bridge; the biggest debate has mainly been whether or not they would take the plunge. Some have been saying they’d be willing to travel to Japan just to experience this stretch of road, whereas others claim they wouldn’t drive over this bridge even if they lived in the area.

However you feel, it’s hard to deny that watching videos of cars go over this steep bridge are addictive. It’s a little bit of a nervous thrill just seeing pictures of this incredibly designed bridge and seeing cars in action on this slope is even more exciting.

What do you think of “The Roller Coaster Bridge”? Would you drive over this hill just for the excitement of it all? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.