Busy checking off boxes on your holiday shopping list? Like many, you may have a person (or two) who is difficult to pin down with a fitting gift. But such a gift does exist.

Taco Bell is out here providing proof that there truly is something for everyone. They’re not doing it with Quesaritos, cinnamon twists, chalupas, or Crunch Wraps either. The cult favorite has launched a special apparel line just for the holidays.

You ready? Wait . . .did you even know that Taco Bell has a whole shop dedicated to merchandise? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. The chain sold out of their Thanksgiving-themed items which included sweaters and other goodies.

But now, they want you to drop some coins on Christmas fare in the form of mugs, burrito blankets, and not-so-ugly sweaters. $25 T-shirts are printed with sayings like, “’Tis the Season to Be Saucy” and “Gather ‘Round the Fire Sauce.” They can be worn as pajamas or out in public as a way to declare your love for the brand.

In addition to buying a sweater with the classic bell logo, you can grab one with a cool image of Santa in a sleigh being pulled by tacos. Why not? You can also be the only one who shows up to the party rocking a Christmas tree sweater that’s decorated with tacos. You have to! The price? $59.

There has to be someone on your list who will love all versions of Taco Bell’s pjs. Designed after sauce packets – mild, fire, and hot – the $78 hooded jumpsuits are unisex and have witty sayings written on the back. If that doesn’t float anyone’s boat, regular pajama bottoms are available to keep the crew comfy.

Not feeling the clothing line? That’s okay because there are also accessories and greeting cards available for Taco Bell fiends. A cute hot sauce packet pillow celebrates the condiment with the words, “I Can’t Let You Go.” Holiday socks and $10 drinking mugs may just make someone merry.

The brand’s online store was first launched in 2013 and has carried more than clothes. Jewelry, skateboards, beach towels, and head gear have all graced the shop’s web pages.

As if that wasn’t enough for fans, the company capitalized on its following by capitalizing on love itself. This past summer, they added a line of wedding accessories to the site. His and hers tees, a Taco Bell bow tie, garter, and set of champagne glasses await you.

So, while you’re shopping for your holiday haul, you may want to check out the wedding swag too for those who are tying the knot in the near future. Head on over to the shop’s website so your order will arrive in time for gift-giving. Don’t be shy about getting a few items for yourself either. You know you want to own a taco sweater. Don’t you?

Were you already hip to Taco Bell’s merch line? Would you spend a few bucks on some of their holiday gear? Which items sound like they’re calling your name?