As new a parent, you’re probably pretty exhausted from all-nighters and taking care of your newborn. While we can’t promise there’s a solution to a crying baby, a well-done swaddle is a good start! A properly done swaddle will calm a baby down and stop that crying you’ve probably been listening to for hours on end.

Well, this genius father has a great swaddling technique which all new parents need to copy immediately. He knows that a crying infant who’s just been changed is probably cold, which means he or she needs some comforting warmth around them.

That’s where a nice, snug swaddle comes into play.

Using a clean, warm blanket, this tutorial will teach all new parents out there (in an easy-to-follow way) how to accomplish the perfect swaddle. Now, the baby is most likely going to continue to fuss throughout this process; as this dad says, you have to stick with it!

It’s also important to remember that the swaddle alone, although it will comfort the baby, isn’t the only thing that will come them down. That’s where the “Three S’s” come into play.

What are the “Three S’s”, you ask? They’re this dad’s formula to a nice, quiet baby who’s ready for a nap…which probably sounds like a miracle to some of you new parents.

The “Three S’s” are: Swaddle, Side, and Shhh. We’re not going to walk you through each step (although they’re pretty self-explanatory). You have to watch the video below to get the full instructions on the swaddling technique. Trust us new parents, you won’t regret it!

What did you think of this method? Do you have a different way to calm your crying baby? Share your thoughts and techniques in the comments section below.