Couples who have struggled with infertility issues have a big reason to celebrate when they do become pregnant. Having supportive people around helps with the emotional ups and downs that come with the battle.

One of the people that had Kerstin Barnette’s back was her dad, Robert. She suffered through endometriosis and years of fertility difficulties before she and her husband conceived their first child. Through all the pain, surgeries, and unknowns, he was there for his daughter and son-in-law.

That’s why he was thrilled not only to learn of Kerstin’s pregnancy, but to be invited to the ultrasound that revealed the baby’s sex. In the caption to this video, Kerstin wrote:

“August 27th, we had our 3D/4D ultra sound done to determine the sex of our little nugget. My father Robert Paul; was there for the ultrasound and he knew the sex before we did. My husband and I waited a very long 2 weeks for the gender reveal party on 9/11/2016.

We had 2 names picked and ready (been picked for a very long time) and our plan was after we revealed the sex we would have a cake come out with the baby’s name displayed on it.

My father (the grandfather) may have known the sex of the baby, but little did he know if it was a boy, my husband and I had a BIG surprise for him.”

So, Robert was already in the know about whether the baby would be a girl or boy and he kept the secret for weeks. But he didn’t know the real secret had to do with him. At the gender reveal party, Kerstin is seen holding a cake with a name written on it. She spins around towards the crowd and announces, “This is the baby’s name.”

In case you didn’t catch exactly what was written on that blue star amid the chorus of “aws”, it says: Robert Paul. The stunned look on her dad’s face is priceless. Watch the whole video to see the grandpa-to-be’s emotional reaction to the news. You might want to grab a hanky for yourself too.

During the sweet moment, you can hear someone say, “Oh my God, we’re having another Robert!” to laughter. That means this doting dad has made quite an impression on this excited family and will probably be receiving “#1 Grandpa” tees and mugs forever.

What a sweet way to honor someone who’s been present through the entire experience. It’s clear that he’ll enjoy every part of being a grandfather to little Robert.

Along with the joy of welcoming a new baby, Kerstin and her husband get to celebrate a victory over a devastating medical condition. Endometriosis affects millions of women around the world and is one of the leading causes of infertility.

Congrats to the Barnettes who introduced their son to his grandfather earlier this year. Now they have two Roberts that will spread love around the family!

Did you heart melt too at Grandpa Robert’s reaction? Can you relate to Kerstin and her husband’s story? Are you a namesake for one of your grandparents?