Sneaky Figure Photobombs Family in Car Pic

Fired up and ready to enjoy their spring break, the Richter family piled into their minivan for some good times. Little did they know there was an unexpected guest who also decided to come along for the ride.

Since family trips aren’t complete without a takeoff photo, the Richters had to get a couple of snaps in before rolling out. Dad Erik had everyone lean in for a driveway shot and cued them for the customary “Say cheese”.

As they were cheesing, one sharp-eyed daughter in the backseat noticed that he was actually recording a video. While they were busy laughing at Dad’s camera tech skills, the family didn’t notice that someone else had popped into the frame. What the. . .?

For most of us, seeing a figure in dark clothing pop out the trunk of our car is grounds for a jump scare or worse. You’re cruising in panic attack territory when you don’t see him until the camera comes out. Why was he hiding and more importantly, why is he grinning like he’s up to something? Notice that Erik doesn’t even flinch.

It’s all good! He’s not a lurker. A little background: son Rowan is an active duty marine – a lance corporal – who told his mother he wouldn’t be able to come home for spring break. In cahoots with his dad, Rowan planned this surprise ambush on the rest of the family. They have no idea he’s hiding out in the back of the car.

Revving up for a photo do over, Erik calls out “Wait Rowan, a little to the right,” prompting quick turnarounds from everyone in the car. Screams and lots of huge smiles! Rowan’s sisters and girlfriend were completely caught off guard by the photobomb, but it was his mom’s reaction that took the cake. Watch the video to see her justified freak-out that was composed of both fear and excitement.

Further in the video, we learn that along with Rowan’s grandfather, Erik picked him up from the airport. Not only did they pull one over on these ladies, but later on Rowan also surprised his grandmother too. They’d been keeping this a secret together, but Mom had a feeling something was up with her son. Great job, Rowan and great job distracting everyone, Dad!
Keep watching to see the sweet moment between Rowan and his mom. The Richters get to spend spring break together as a family and they all got a good laugh (and shock) out of it. Plus, Rowan got the added bonus of sneaking up on his family and girlfriend for fun.
Military homecomings like these always get us in the feels with happy tears and emotions. Being separated from a loved one is never easy, but families like the Richters seem to make the most of it. Keep the surprises coming!

What do you think of Rowan’s homecoming surprise? Do you have a family member in the military who you’re missing too? Have you ever received an unexpected visit like this one?