Ah, summer— full of sunshine, sandy beaches, cool waters and . . . hair removal. That last one is annoying enough to seriously dampen our warm weather enjoyment. Unless society suddenly decides that body hair is cool – or until we get brave enough not to care! – we’re always going to be looking for ways to get rid of it that are cheap, fast, and long-lasting. We’ve tried depilatories, we’ve cringed through waxing, and we’ve spent a lot of money on shaving, so we were excited to hear about a new hair removal trend from Pure Wow. Have you heard of it? It’s called “sugaring.”

Similar to waxing, sugaring involves smearing a paste of sugar, water and lemon juice onto your skin and then ripping the paste – and the hair! – off. Unlike waxing, the paste is lukewarm rather than super-hot, and won’t burn your skin. It also reportedly hurts much less than waxing, although it can sting a little, and any left-behind excess can be simply wiped off with water. Best of all, it can potentially make some of your hair follicles fall dormant, making unwanted hair thinner over time and requiring less frequent treatments. (At the start, you’ll need to re-sugar about every six weeks.) We can’t really see a downside, can you? Check out Pure Wow for more information on the technique, then tell us if you’ve ever tried it or if you’re considering it!