Succulent Christmas Trees Are a Thing Now and We’re Loving Them

Back in August, many people were looking forward to fall, wanting to speed up the year and get to 2021 already. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts delivered by introducing pumpkin spice everything earlier than ever before.

Now, it’s officially fall, and we’re ready to move onto the next season, winter, and one of our favorite holidays, Christmas. You can’t get much closer to the end of the year than Christmas, after all, so excuse us while we start planning our Christmas decor on the second day of fall.

One of our favorite parts of Christmas is seeing all of the decorations. From the lights to the stocking and the trees, it’s fantastic, but not everyone looks in a home that is big enough for a full size Christmas tree.

Sometimes you don’t have extra floor space for a huge tree. Sometimes you don’t even have extra space on a table for a large table-top tree. That does not mean that you have to nix the idea of having a Christmas tree in your home.

The latest trend when it comes to Christmas trees is both tiny and smart. It’s a tree about one foot tall, and it’s made completely out of succulents. So, technically that means this is not a tree but a succulent arrangement; however, it’s shaped like a tree.

Besides being small enough to use as a table centerpiece or a decoration on your desk, these adorable trees are also wonderful in a couple other ways. First, unlike a traditional Christmas tree, you don’t have to throw it away after the holidays. Second, you can replant the succulents after the holidays to make a non-Christmas tree shape and let them keep growing.

Succulents are super easy to care for. All you have to do is spritz them with a little water 10-14 days. If even that is too much work, there are also artificial succulent trees available.



We think these trees are so adorable that they don’t even need any extra decorations. We love how the succulents are arranged so that they look like they have ornaments on them, but the “ornaments” are beautiful succulents.

You can find quite a few succulent Christmas tree arrangements available on Etsy, and, no, we do not think it is too early to decorate for Christmas. 

What kind of Christmas tree do you usually have in your home? Do you think you’ll buy a succulent Christmas tree this year?