Imagine this: you head into a salon that you have never visited before, and you say, “I’d like a new look…I’m very open.” Yep, we can barely say the sentence out loud ourselves—there’s just something entirely unnerving about putting complete trust into the hands of a new stylist!

Nevertheless, when you have an appointment with one of the best hair dressers around—Christopher Hopkins, A.K.A. The Makeover Guy—the risk is worth the reward. Our favorite example of this is the client and star of today’s video, Jane. This Chicago resident came into Hopkins’ salon with a completely open mind, and she ended up with an unbelievable new look.

Hopkins kicks off this particular makeover with questions about Jane’s wardrobe. She says she likes wearing rich, dark colors like blues and maroons.

This part of the segment really piques our interest because it’s something that we’ve never been asked at a salon, but we think it totally makes sense! It’s important to make sure that a new hair color doesn’t clash with the client’s threads.

Before applying the dye, The Makeover Guy sends Jane over to one of his talented makeup artists, Nicole. It is then that this pretty “makeoveree” gets a neutral brown added to her eye area. It’s subtle, but it sure does make those baby blues pop!

For her color, the stylist decides on a beautiful warm brown with understated blonde highlights. The look is a huge departure from the dull salt and pepper that she walked in sporting, but we do have to say that the results look completely natural.

As for the cut, Hopkins realizes that Jane’s face is just too pretty to cover up with a bunch of hair, so the stylist finds a way to make her stunning bone structure shine. He does this by chopping off several inches and leaving some of her natural body and curl. Even though her mop is now much shorter, we think the look is flirtier and way more feminine.

In her post-makeover interview, Jane is obviously glowing from all of the positive attention. “I feel ten years younger!” she beams. And, we’ve gotta say, we think she also LOOKS ten years younger—at least! If we saw her walking down the street, we would never guess that this gorgeous gal was 59 years old!

Now, we think all of you curly-haired ladies better watch Jane’s transformation. This may be the inspiration that you need to put down that damaging flat iron and embrace those gorgeous natural locks.

To see the full makeover for yourself, be sure to click on the video below. If you don’t think that Jane looks at least ten years younger, it may be time to get your eyes checked!

What do you think of Jane’s dramatic transformation? If you were her stylist, would you have made any alternate changes to her look? Have you ever been the recipient of a full makeover before? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!