In spite of numerous warnings about flu dangers this year, a recent study by the University of Chicago found 40% of Americans have no intention of getting the flu shot.

NORC, a research arm of the university, released the results of their AmeriSpeak survey where adults were asked if they had gotten vaccinated, weren’t vaccinated but intended to be, or weren’t and have no intention of getting a shot.

43% of the adults surveyed received the shot, 14% planned on getting one, and 41% are skipping the shot. Out of the group who don’t plan on getting vaccinated, the reasons vary. Most cite side effects being a deterrent as well as concerns over getting sick from the shot or believing it does not work at all.

Last season, the flu claimed 80,000 lives, and the CDC wants to emphasize that protection is paramount for the elderly, young children, and those with compromised immune systems. Although the vaccination may or may not be effective against the current strain, according the agency, it can lessen the severity of the flu.

This survey was taken by adults age 18 and over from 50 states, with those under 45 most likely to skip the shot. Public health experts urge people to get the shot at their workplace, clinics, physician offices, or pharmacies where they are affordable.

What are your thoughts on this survey? Have you gotten the shot or are you skipping it?