As the school year begins to wind down, students everywhere are facing the dreaded final exams. In elementary and middle school in particular, kids frequently have to take standard exams based on Common Core Principles.

As we all well remember, these tests can be extremely stressful. Especially if you’ve never taken one before. But, as we’ve all hopefully experience in our educations, there are amazing teachers that help us get through these stressful times.

One such teacher is definitely Chandni Langford.

Mrs. Langford is a fifth grade teacher in New Jersey’s Woodbury school system. Her students were preparing to take the standardize tests of New Jersey, called PARCC, and were understandably nervous. Which is why Mrs. Langford decided to leave her students a motivational surprise – one that has now gone viral across the internet.

Desk 1Woodbury City Public Schools

When the student of Evergreen Avenue Elementary’s fifth grade class came in to take their exams, they each found something wonderful at their desks: a motivational note, personalized to each student by their thoughtful teacher. And let’s not overlook the two donut holes given to each kid, either.

Using dry erase marker so the notes could be removed when it was time to begin, Mrs. Langford wrote motivational phrases like “Grow your brain!” and “Learning is your superpower!” Each note was clearly tailored to each child’s learning style or called out to struggles they’ve had with the exam material.

Desk 3Woodbury City Public School System

The Woodbury, NJ school system quickly applauded Mrs. Langford for her sweet gesture to encourage her kids, sharing images of the messages on Facebook. The pictures quickly went viral, getting 15,000 likes and 17,000 shares in a just few days.

It’s not difficult to see why the school and the internet rose to their feet for Mrs. Langford.

The gesture may have been small, but it was the perfect example of a teacher being exactly what a student needs – more than just a teacher, but a cheerleader as well. A support system that kids can feel inspired and encouraged by. That is the true merit of an educator.