If you’ve ever had a pet, you know that although they can be a lot of work, they can also bring you a lot of joy. Take dogs, for instance. Although they can get themselves in some crazy circumstances, they can also be loyal, affectionate and a lot of fun.

Chris and Mariesa love to rescue dogs. This is a passion that both of them share, and they feel that their love of rescuing dogs helps make their marriage stronger. Currently, the couple has eight rescue dogs living at their home, so it’s a good thing they both love dogs; otherwise, it would probably put a strain on their marriage. Rescuing dogs isn’t exactly like having a stamp collection, after all.

Eight dogs at one home is a lot of dogs. But wait, it’s actually not.

Chris and Mariesa came across a pregnant dog at the Cuyahoga County Kennel, and they wanted to help her. They worked with the shelter not to adopt the dog, Storie, but to provide her with a place to stay while she gave birth to her puppies.

Obviously, they knew that the dog was pregnant, and while Chris was a little bit of hesitation about bringing a pregnant dog into their home, Mariesa was convinced that they needed to help her. They knew that they were really bringing multiple dogs into their home once she gave birth. What they didn’t know was just how many puppies she was going to have.

They took Storie to the vet, and the x-ray revealed not two, not three, not even four but twelve skulls. Yes, she was going to have a dozen puppies. They were expecting her to have the puppies in a few days, but she went into labor that same night and started having the puppies the very next day. 

Chris and Mariesa sound completely calm when they recount this story. We’re not sure we’d sound so calm. Even though they’re used to having a house full of dogs, twelve puppies is kind of game changing.

The couple instantly fell in love with the puppies. They both wanted to keep one of the puppies. The only problem was that they each wanted to keep a different puppy. They really did not think it would be a good idea to adopt two more dogs, but those puppies sure were cute!

Watch the video below to hear where Storie and her puppies are living now.

Do you have a dog? Would you ever rescue a pregnant dog?