You Can Take a Festive Stroll Through This Indoor Village in Pennsylvania for a Charming, Old-Fashioned Shopping Experience

Who here misses shopping? You know, actually going INTO A STORE and buying stuff? We know we do! Sure, what with the convenience of e-commerce, we might be shopping now more than ever before, but, more often than not, we find ourselves longing for the days when doing our annual Christmas shopping meant more than clicking through product descriptions on Amazon.

Sadly, it seems as though brick-and-mortar retailers are forced to find ways to attract shoppers in much more creative ways. Luckily, some of these retailers sure are up for the challenge! Case in point: The Famous Street of Shops in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

The Famous Street of Shops is like your standard shopping mall–except a whole lot more charming! It’s built into a retired wood mill and features an impressive 375 fine shops, including handmade ware from local artisans, including hand-blown glass, fine jewelry, hand-woven baskets, knitted products, tinware, pottery, and, of course, antiques galore.

The Famous Street of Shops even includes stalls which feature working artists. How cool would it be to purchase a piece of art that was literally painted right IN FRONT of you?

If you get a hankering for something sweet or savory during your unique shopping trip, there’s no need to ditch the magical retail experience. Instead, you can visit the Street of Shops Restaurant, an old-school 1950s-style diner that serves up yummy nostalgia in the form of hearty breakfasts, fluffy buttermilk pancakes, and even ice cream desserts.

The restaurant is even decked out to look like you stepped back in time–definitely a fun retreat from reality and something that the kiddos will get a kick out of, too!

To make it even sweeter, the Famous Street of Shops specializes in festive goods, particularly the ones of the Thanksgiving and Christmas varieties. There, shoppers can stroll the “streets,” taking a walk through the mall’s centerpiece, Market Square, before picking up some of the most unique holiday gifts around.

The indoor retail “street” also comes with historic displays that harken back to a more quaint past, like an antique bank teller cage and shoeshine stand. You definitely won’t find those relics nestled in the corner of your town’s big-box store!

Don’t think this place could get any better? What if we told you that the Famous Street of Shops is open year-round, 7 days a week? It might not seem like a big deal, but for those stuck in the ultra-chilly and often snowy Northeast in the wintertime, the shopping experience serves as a formidable and fun alternative to the boring local mall.

To learn more about The Famous Street of Shops, including its hours, a list of stores, and special events, be sure to visit its website. It’s time to expand your shopping–and gift-giving!–experiences!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this ultra-unique Famous Street of Shops. Have you ever visited it before? If so, were you a fan? Do you know of any other unique shopping malls that you would like to share?