How to Make a Gorgeous, DIY Strawberry Rose for Valentine’s Day

Strawberries are a classic Valentine’s Day food. Usually, you’ll see them dipped in chocolate or rolled in nuts to make a fancy Valentine’s Day gift, but what about giving your strawberries a real romantic upgrade?

Another romantic must? Flowers. What would Valentine’s Day be without a bouquet for your sweetheart?

So in this brilliant DIY treat, we’re combining the best of both worlds: beautiful flowers that you can eat. How, you ask? Well, these roses are made of gorgeous, juicy strawberries, ripe for romantic snacking!

You might be thinking that it’s going to take some serious skill to make a strawberry look like a rose, we guarantee it’s easier than you’re thinking.

All you need is strawberries, a paring knife, a cutting board, and a fork to get started. Definitely use a test strawberry first so you can get a handle on the cuts you need to make, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy these are to make and how great they come out.

This brilliant and simple tutorial from Sommer Collier will teach you how to turn your strawberries into roses in six easy steps – now that would be one delicious bouquet or fancy drink garnish!

What do you think of this Valentine’s Day idea? Will you be making a few edible roses for your date this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.