Straws: they’re not just for drinking! These handy plastic doo-dads double as useful materials for several essential hacks. Today we’ve got some of our favorites for you, courtesy of our friends over at Household Hacker. And, that’s not all—you will be able to complete each one of these projects in less than 5 minutes! Grab those straws, and let’s get to work.

  1. Makeshift Tap

    drink tapsHouseholdHacker

    If you have any raucous holiday parties around the corner, then listen up! You can actually make your own drink tap using just three straws.

    For this hack you will need: 3 bendable straws; 1 soda in a plastic container; 1 knife; and 1 rubber band.

    Unscrew the top of your soda bottle and place on a level surface. Using your knife, carefully screw a hole into the surface of the plastic top. Be sure that the hole is large enough to fit a straw. Place the cap back on the bottle Next, connect your three straws together so that they are fastened snugly.

    Insert your newly-lengthened straw into the hole in the top of the bottle, making sure that it hits the very bottom of the drink. Then, using your rubber band, secure the top part of the long straw so that the upper spout is facing towards the ground. Once you’re all finished with the set-up, just squeeze into a glass and enjoy!

  2. DIY Honey Sticks

    honey strawHouseholdHacker

    Honey sticks certainly are convenient, but they generally come at pretty high prices. To make your very own at home, just follow these simple instructions!

    For this hack you will need: 1 straight straw; 1 squeezable bottle of honey; small pliers; and a tea light candle.

    Start by inserting the straw into the hole in the honey cap, and squeeze until the straw is about three-quarters full. Carefully remove the straw from the honey so that it is facing horizontally – it’s best to complete this step while standing over a sink! – and clamp down your pliers on one side of the straw.

    Wave over the flame of the tea candle until the end seals. Repeat on the other side. Once you’re ready for the honey, you can either cut or bite off one of the ends. Making tea has never been so simple!

  3. Big Bubble Wand

    bubble strawsHouseholdHacker

    If you need some kiddie entertainment on-the-go, then look no further than this creative project!

    For this hack you will need: a bundle of straight straws; 1 rubber band; dish soap; a small dish or bowl; and water.

    Wrap a small rubber band around your bundle of straws so that all ends match up evenly. Then, add a bit of dish soap and water to a small bowl to make your bubbles. Dip your bundle into the bubbly solution, and blow into the dry ends! You should end up with a pretty impressive display.

  4. Razor Blade Cover

    diy blade coverHouseholdHacker

    This project is great for all of you frequent fliers out there! If you are in the need of a razor blade cover when you’re away from home, just follow these steps.

    For this hack you will need 1 straw and scissors.

    Good news! You can complete this project in three simple steps. First cut your straw down to size so that it matches with the length of your blade. Next, insert your scissors into your straw, and give it a good snip. Then just slide your new blade protector over the sharp end of your razor. Voila! What a simple hack!

  5. Cable Organizer

    straw cable labelHouseholdHacker

    If you have trouble keeping track of all of those tangled electronics cables and wires, then this project is for you!

    For this hack you will need several colorful straws, scissors and permanent marker.

    Label and organize your cables without using sticky electrical tape, just quarter your straws, then snip from the interior opening. You can then easily slide them onto your cables. This trick will help you properly distinguish which cable is which. Once you’re done, label each one using a permanent marker.

  6. Chips Clips

    straw chip clipHouseholdHacker

    Chips clips can be costly and flimsy, so leave the work to those trusty straws!

    For this hack you will need 2 straight straws and scissors.

    Cut through the middle of your first straw, and set to the side. Take your uncut straw and fold it into the top plastic opening of the bag. Grab your cut straw once again, and cinch it over the top of your uncut, plastic-covered one. This little trick is great for sealing chips, candy, and cereal. How cool!

Watch Household Hacker’s video below for further instructions on these nifty straw hacks!

What do you think of these household projects? Do you have any straw hacks of your own? Tell us all about your thought and experiences in the comments section below!