Strange and Frugal Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Having trouble sticking to a diet or finding free techniques for losing weight? These road-tested tips listed over at Lifescript really do work even if they seem a bit odd. Check out some of the ways you can shed some extra pounds:

  1. Try the Toothpaste Diet: if you are bad at portion control or can’t resist dessert, brush your teeth with a minty toothpaste. Brushing your teeth will tell your brain that the meal is over and food doesn’t taste as great with that minty flavor in your mouth. Minty gum can work too when you don’t have a toothbrush handy. Added bonus: you’ll also improve your oral hygiene.
  2. Eat Cake: if you love to bake, don’t stop baking. Just get creative and think of what low-calorie substitutions you can make. For example, for muffin, cake, cupcake or cookie recipes, try replacing oil or butter with equal parts “no-sugar-added” applesauce.
  3. Tell Jokes for Better Abs: laughing is great for your abs. It contracts your abdominal muscles and builds them up. Laughing also increases your blood circulation by more than 20%, prevents hardening of the arteries, and prolongs your lifespan. Best of all, laughter is free.
  4. Fidget Yourself Thin: according to Mayo Clinic researchers, people who fidget and move more often are more likely to be thin. Take a look at this study:

    They placed motion-sensing devices in the underwear of 10 normal-weight and 10 obese adults to monitor their daily movements and to see if the amount of calories fidgety people burn each day account for their ability to stay slim. The results? The obese group spent an average of two more hours sitting still than the normal-weight people, who burned an extra 350 calories per person per day.

So start fidgeting, take little walks throughout the day, etc. Just move!

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