Too many shoes? No such thing. You’re just a shoe enthusiast is all. Even if you’re proud of your expansive shoe collection, you’re probably less-than-proud about how much closet or floor space those shoes take up. This DIY provides a clever and adorable solution that will not only look great in your space (and display your amazing heels), but save you much-needed room in your closet, too! Watch the video below to see how you can do this DIY, too.

Can you believe how easy that was to put up? Four simple steps and you have a stylish new way to store and display your shoes.

To get the molding, you can pick up any design or color you’d like at most hardware stores for very cheap. Don’t see a color you like? Spray paint a color that will match your bedroom decor.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

– Molding
– Leveler
– Pencil
– Wall anchors
– Drill
– Patching/touch-up paint

STEP 1: Drill holes in the bottom and top of your molding if there are not already screw holes.
STEP 2: Take your molding and place it on the wall where you would like it to hang. Use a leveler to make sure the molding is even. Stick a pencil through the holes to mark where the molding is on the wall.
STEP 3: Drill in your wall anchors on the pencil marks, tapping them in a little first before drilling.
STEP 4: Hang the molding off the wall anchors. Make sure to patch the drill holes and use some touch-up paint to hide them.
STEP 5: Hang your shoes off your new shoe storage rack!

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