The coronavirus outbreak that’s spanned country to country has quite literally taken over the world. Over the course of 2020, the extremely contagious virus has spread from China to Italy, the United States and elsewhere, infecting and killing thousands upon thousands of people.

We’ve taken numerous measures to slow the spread of the disease. More than likely, you’re reading this on your phone from the comfort of your bed or couch, since there’s a good chance you’re quarantining there until further notice.

If you do go out of your house, the Centers for Disease Control has recently recommended all Americans to wear a face mask in public. Some states have even made it a mandatory practice;  anyone in a public space is required to wear a mask.

With so many shortages of masks, the CDC says that any cloth face covering will do that you can make yourself. (Not crafty? Here’s a disposable mask anyone can make in just one minute flat!)

While it’s super proactive to wear a mask in public, it doesn’t mean those things aren’t a pain. Not only can it muffle your breathing and voice to speak to others, but if you’re a glasses wearer, beware: Trying to breathe in those things can fog up your specs, making it difficult to see.

Don’t worry, there are lots of ways to prevent this. This one is for the glasses wearers of the world.

One of the most effective ways to avoid your mask from fogging up your glasses is to put a tissue inside the top of the mask. Fold the tissue horizontally and place it between your face and top of the mask. That way, the tissue gets hit with your breath (which causes moisture, essentially what is fogging up your glasses) before it can reach your lenses. Brilliant.

Another way to avoid the fog issue is to wash your glasses with soapy water before heading out with the mask. While normally eye doctors don’t recommend soap on your glasses, because it can cause smearing, this is actually a good thing to reduce fog. A thin film from the soap will develop, which allows the water molecules to spread out evenly on your glasses, avoiding the annoying fog.

Another useful item: shaving cream. Simply dot a drop of the stuff on your lenses, rub your glasses dry with a towel, and wipe them down. This works in a similar way as soap does to keep your specs clear of condensation.

Still looking for more tips? Check out the video below for even more ways to avoid foggy glasses while wearing a mask.

Have you had to endure foggy glasses while wearing a mask? How have you been preventing your glasses from fogging up while out and about?