Stiletto Clogs Are Here and We’re Honestly Just Scratching Our Heads

Our world is getting closer and closer to post-pandemic. As we all emerge from our homes and go back to life in a somewhat normal way, we realize there are a few things we miss about lockdowns, like wearing pjs all day and living in comfy shoes like Crocs when we go outside to check the mail or pick up a grocery order, because for awhile we weren’t really going anywhere else.

If you wish you could enjoy the comfort of Crocs without making a fashion faux pa, you might consider this good news. There’s a new collab between Crocs and Balenciaga. The shoes look pretty much like regular Crocs with one major exception. These Crocs are stilettos. 

While the shoes still appear to feature the comfy cushioning we know and love from Crocs, we’re not sure how that will translate when we’re basically walking on our toes. We’re also not sure where it would be appropriate to wear such shoes. They still look pretty casual, yet, that stiletto heel isn’t meant for chasing after kids all day.

This isn’t the first time Crocs and Balenciaga have teamed up. Back in 2017, they created platform Crocs that sold for $850. This time, CNN estimates that the stiletto Crocs could go for closer to $1000.

The new stiletto version of our favorite clogs comes in three different colors. Choose from black, gray or bright green. They all have the same black stiletto heel. Take your pick, except, you can’t buy them yet.

The stiletto Crocs are part of Balenciaga’s spring 2022 collection, and they are not for sale – yet.

While the stiletto Crocs are getting the most attention, that’s not the only thing coming out of this unusual collab. Balenciaga also revealed a knee-high rainboot.

Many people seem baffled by this collab and the resulting shoes, but apparently someone is going to pay $1000 a pair.

What do you think of these stiletto Crocs? Would you wear them? Do you like Crocs? What’s your favorite go-to comfy pair of shoes?