The coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly caused us all to succumb to a new normal—not leaving the house unless it’s essential, working remotely if you can, homeschooling the kids…oh yeah, and being completely deprived of the triple mocha caramel frappuccino you used to get every day from Starbucks.

Of course, we understand why fast-food joints like Starbucks had to close their doors to the public. It’s all in the name of protecting customer and employee health in the midst of a global pandemic, of course.

Well, the good news for Starbucks lovers is that the chain has stated that they will be beginning to reopen some of its locations as early as next week. Additionally, they plan to have at least 90% of its stores open by June 1!

It won’t be quite how it was prior to the pandemic (do we even remember life before coronavirus, anyway?). There are a few things that will need to happen as they begin o open their doors, and the phased approaches will differ among the various locations worldwide.

“As we reopen in the US, I think we anticipate that the stores are going to reopen across the nation at a faster rate” than in China, CEO Kevin Johnson said. “But the format we’re going to use … in each store is going to be dependent on sort of what’s happening in that particular store.”

So what will change? For one thing, mobile orders will be highly encouraged, which will be available to pick up at the drive-through or what’s now going to be called an “entryway hand-off.” Essentially, there will be an area at the front door of the Starbucks where customers can pick up drinks without having to fully enter.

There will be some stores that will reopen their interior to the public and actually order at the cashier like we once used to. However, for those locations, you still won’t have the option to sit and mingle over your brew with friends. There will also be social-distancing markers added to ensure everyone in line stands enough feet apart.

Additionally, Starbucks will also be able to be delivered to your home via UberEats, so that you can enjoy your fancy coffee drink (one that you did not make, because let’s be serious, we’re tired of instant) in the comfort of your home.

To hear more details on what to expect when Starbucks reopens their stores, check out the video below.

Hey, at least it’s a start, right? What do you think about Starbucks’ plan to reopen their stores? What will your first order be?