We Love This Star Wars-Themed Mother/Son Wedding Dance

When this groom was little, his brother said that he would have his mom hum the Star Wars theme song to him every night before bed. So now, on his wedding day, it makes sense that him and his mother’s mother/son dance would be…Star Wars themed!

Now, dancing to this famous theme song is cute enough – but it gets so much better. You have to watch till the end, what they do is hilarious! Watch the video below and prepare to grin.

I doubt I was the only one watching thinking, “Okay, how long can they dance like this to Star Wars?” And then all of a sudden – BAM! They break out the lightsabers!

What follows is a totally awesome lightsaber battle where the groom and his mom take on two groomsmen – uh – Stormtroopers. Is it just me, or is the mom SUPER into it? I love it.

You know you have a solid relationship with your mother when you can take down the Dark Side with her.