Woman Got National Attention As a ‘Stand-in Mom’ at Weddings. Now Jamie Lee Curtis is Making a Movie About Her Story.

Are you ready for a very sad statistic? According to the Williams Institute at UCLA Law, of the 1.6 million homeless youth in the United States, a staggering 40% identify as being LGBTQ, with many attributing their homelessness to being disowned by their parents. This is a heartbreaking reality that reinforces the fact that, while we have a come a far way in terms of civil rights in recent years, we are still a nation that has a very long way to go.

But, just because some parents aren’t willing to support their LGBTQ kids doesn’t mean that others aren’t out there setting great examples. Take Sara Cunninghman, for instance. Back in 2014, she authored the memoir “How We Sleep at Night,” a work about her relationship with her gay son. It’s a book that has served as somewhat of a sacred text for parents looking for ways to support their LGBTQ children.

Ever since the memoir’s release, Cunningham has stayed in the public eye by advocating for her son’s community using today’s most powerful platform–social media.

Troubled by the fact that so many in the LGBTQ community were exercising their rights to marry, but without the support of their parents by their sides, Cunningham penned this simple Facebook post…

This incredibly sweet gesture spread around the Internet like wildfire, and even inspired one of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses to take notice. Just months later, Cunningham appeared in a photo on THE Jamie Lee Curtis’ Twitter page alongside this caption:

When the actress told her followers to “stay tuned,” it turns out she was actually prepping for a very big announcement– the legendary Curtis is making a movie about Cunningham’s life and much-celebrated spirit. She has purchased the rights to the heroic mom’s memoir and has every intention to immortalize her on the silver screen. Predictably, the lovely LGBTQ supporter known on Twitter as @freemomhugs, was amazed by the news, and couldn’t wait to share her story on TODAY.

What’s most notable about Cunningham’s tale is that she underwent quite the evolution following her son’s coming out. In an interview with the Washington Post, the mom gives us a sneak peek into how her son’s sexuality made her second-guess her beliefs.

“We tried to ‘pray the gay away’ for years,” the 55-year-old Cunningham said. “And I felt like I had to choose between my son and my faith.”

Not-so-shocking spoiler alert: Cunningham eventually learned to accept her son for who he is and has since become one of the most notable figures in the LGBTQ parents community today. We can’t wait to see her story on the silver screen!

What are your thoughts on this story? Are you touched by Cunningham’s gesture? is this something that you would do for LGBTQ youth? Do you plan on seeing the film?