How To Make Your Own Squishy Ninja Stress Balls

Stressed out? Squishy stress balls are an excellent way to get out some of that pent up aggression. And luckily, you can make your own with just two “ingredients” – some regular old balloons and some kitchen flour. They are so cheap and easy to make and end up surprisingly squishy. Throw a strategically cut up black balloon to add a ninja effect if you’re feeling extra sassy. For instant stress relief, try making these stress balls courtesy of King of Random!

This is really cool project and it has a really fantastic purpose when all is said and done; in today’s day and age, with most of us running around like crazy, cell phones glued to our heads, stress is a pretty common feeling.

You don’t need much to make these stress balls either, just a few tools that you might even have at home right now. Just a container with a wide mouth (like a plastic juice bottle), a common plastic water bottle (smaller mouth than the “wide mouth” bottle you select), some party balloons, some flour, a damp cloth, a pair of scissors, and super glue (optional).

We’ve already received a number of interesting comments about this tip from readers.

Some really like the idea: From “Neat idea” to “good idea for a children’s party to make”, as well as these:

I am totally making these for my son. He keeps asking for something to squish. 3 year Olds ask for the most random things.


My kids and I used to make these for the residents in a nursing home that I worked in. It helped keep them busy when ur trying to do things like get them dressed or anything. It helped keep they’re mind off what u were trying to do for them.

Others brought up concerns about the mess it could make, such as: “What a mess if they pop!” and “Just imagining my Dogs biting it & getting flour all in their fur & over the whole house. Ghost dogs. Sounds like a movie. HAHAHAHA”. Another person pointed out that it can make a mess, but still fun to make and not a big deal if there is a mess:

These are great. Several years ago I made them for all the teachers in a school I worked in and they loved them. After a few [months] the balls started bursting. I guess that the oils from our hand interacts with the balloon causing them to degrade. So file [cabinets], drawers and closets in our school started had the little exploding [balloons]. It was kind of a funny mess.

Note that for this concern, you can increase the durability by adding a few more balloons (4 are used in the video for one ball, but you could add more than that). One person noted an alternative: “You can do the same with play dough and it won’t be as messy if it does pop”.

And cool tip from the video: These are great for juggling. Perfect for stress relief AND entertaining!

Have you made these? How have you used them? Please share in the comments below!