Although we may not like doing it, spring cleaning is a necessity. Winter is over, it’s time to come out of hibernation, air out those windows that we’ve boarded up, and open our homes back up to the nice weather. While you might know (begrudgingly) what needs to be cleaned, like the kitchen floors and the living room windows, you might be missing some smaller parts of your home that need a good cleaning, too. Here are 14 things you might not have considered covering during your spring cleaning binge.


1. Washing Machine

Grease and grime tends to build up in washing machine drums, both top and front loaders. Is there anything grosser to think about than that grease and grime rubbing off on your clothes to solve that nasty image? All you need is vinegar and bleach! For front loaders, check out here.

2. Refrigerator Coils

Refrigerator CoilsOne Good Thing

If you don’t know them by name, fridge coils are the bars underneath the fridge. They tend to get caked in dust and dirt and because of where they are, they tend to get overlooked. To keep your fridge running smoothly, and save energy in the process, vacuum the coils once every couple months.

3. Dishwasher

Like your washing machine, you don’t want this appliance bogged down with grease and grime. It gets all over your supposedly clean plates and cups! Yuck. Luckily, the dishwasher is a very easy thing to clean.

4. Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom FanOne Good Thing

A clean bathroom exhaust fan actually helps to prevent mold. The fan draws moisture out of the bathroom, therefore preventing it from settling into your walls and shower, and preventing mold from growing. But the fan can get dusty as anything, so a good cleaning is probably in order.

5. Range Hood Filter

Just like the bathroom exhaust fan, the range hood filter in your stove draws airborne grease out of the air that flies about while you’re cooking. You could buy a new one, or you could boil your old one to save a little money and refresh your whole stove.

6. Your Laptop 

Cleaning Laptops EditedClean My Space

It’s disgusting to hear, but your laptop can get terribly dirty. Not even just the smeared screen, the keyboard you probably just typed on is covered in germs, too. Not pleasant, we know. Luckily, there are techniques to get every inch of your computer sparkling clean!

7. Ceiling Fan

Don’t let out of sight, out of mind hold true for your home! Just because it’s above you doesn’t mean that your ceiling fan isn’t dirty. Chances are it’s quite dusty and if you turn it on in that state, it will shower you in dust. Nice image. There is, however, an easy trick to get that fan sparkling.

8. Kitchen Sink Faucet

Hard water deposits are impossible to get rid of. Personally, I like to block them out of my mind. Sadly, they’re not going away because you choose not to think about them. This easy trick using only a lemon will get them nice and clean!

9. Your Car

You might not consider this within the realm of spring cleaning, but your car can get dirty. There are so many things to tend to both inside and out, and so many tricks to get them done!

10. Bathroom Mirrors

ClothonMirrorinProcessClean My Space

Mirrors get so dirty SO FAST. They smear, they get covered in water spots and toothpaste – gross. Nothing drives me crazier than looking into that foggy, dirty mirror. And if you’re cleaning it wrong, you could make it even worse! Check out the right way to get it done.

11. Shower Head

But there’s water coming out of it, how can it get dirty?! I concur. But soap scum and grime do clog up on your shower head. To avoid being showered in said scum and grime, try this hack to clean it spotless.

12. Inside Your Sink


Without you realizing it, the inside of your sink is rusting…which does not bode well for dishes. To get your sink disinfected and sparkling clean, try this cool little trick and give your sink a scrub.

13. Your Toaster

You can’t necessarily see what’s deep down there, but believe me, it’s not pretty. With all the bread and bagels being stuck inside, there is undoubtedly a good amount of crumbs inside that need to be cleaned out!

14. Air Conditioning Filter

Air Conditioner Filter EditedDeposit Photos

To get the air coming in your home as purified as possible, you’ll want to make sure your filter is clean. It is the one filtering your air, after all! Now the warm weather is on the horizon, you’ll need that air conditioner in tip top shape!


Do you have any cleaning tips for weird parts of your home? Share them in the comments section below – quick, before spring cleaning season comes and goes!