When a piece of furniture or decor is looking a little down in the dumps, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to take said furniture TO the dump. There’s a simple way you can refresh and revive even your dingiest pieces of decor: spray paint. Because spray paint offers such a variety of colors and textures – and because it’s easy to replace the color with a fresh coat when the mood strikes you – using spray paint to jazz up furniture has become a great decorating trend. With an affordable price and endless possibilities, using spray paint for your next decor project is a brilliant idea. Check out these 15 ways you can use spray paint around the house to get inspired!

  1. Plastic Drawers

    Spray Paint DrawersScottsdale Moms Blog

    Cheap plastic drawers can be bought for as cheap at $10 at stores like Walmart – but, sadly, they tend to LOOK like they cost $10. Class up these inexpensive drawers by spray painting the frame and handles a metallic gold.

  2. Garden Gazing Ball

    Spray Paint Bowling BallAmazon

    Gazing balls are a beautiful, classy touch for any garden. Generally speaking, however, they’re also an insanely expensive piece of garden decor. Use any orb (in this case, an old bowling ball was used, something you might be able to thrift for cheap) and use a mirrored spray paint. This will give the illusion of an expensive gazing ball without the high-end price tag.

  3. Magnetized Fridge Letters

    Spray Paint LettersInspired By Charm

    You know those plastic, magnetic letters that you’d play with as a kid? Give those magnets a grown-up upgrade by spray painting them a fun color! A crisp white, cool black, or glam metallic instantly makes these letters a fun party game.

  4. Planter Cans

    Spray Paint PlantersHomey Oh My!

    If you grow little seedlings indoors, you’re probably using whatever you can as inside planters. Something that’s great for a DIY planter are empty sauce cans. If you want to take this inexpensive project to the next level, spray paint your can a classy copper color and add some chalkboard labels to identify which herbs are which!

  5. Plastic Tub

    Spray Paint Ice BucketTip Toe Fairy

    Dollar Store items like plastic tubs can come in handy for so many household situations. In this case, they make great impromptu ice buckets! But if you’re not about that tacky, plastic green, spray paint the bucket the a rustic grey for that effortless, shabby-chic look.

  6. Wire Baskets

    Spray Paint Wire BasketsA House Full of Sunshine

    Whether they’re for your pantry, your locker, or your office, wire baskets are often one of the most handy organizational tools you can buy. To give your space a little personality, spray paint the wire one of your favorite colors! Organization with a little pizzazz.

  7. Rubber Boots

    Spray Paint Rubber BootsAt Home in the Northwest

    Sometimes, stylish boots are still in good shape…but they don’t look it. Get your rain boots ready for this season with a spray paint makeover! It’s like you have a brand new pair of shoes for next to nothing.

  8. Mercury Glass Vase

    Spray Paint VaseHammer and Heels Blog

    The look of mercury glass is a cool, silver effect; it’s something that elevates the look of your entire home with just a single piece. Luckily, you don’t have to go out and BUY mercury glass. You only need silver spray paint and a glass vase to mimic this trendy look!

  9. Bathroom Faucet

    Spray Paint FaucetBlesser House

    Rusty, old faucet getting you down? Don’t go through the hassle of replacing the hardware! Just transform the look of your faucet with a fresh coat of spray paint.

  10. Patio Furniture

    Spray Paint Patio FurnitureHomeTalk

    You can spray paint patio furniture?! Yes! The takeaway here: you can spray paint just about anything. Refresh your patio with the look of a “brand new” piece of furniture, compliments of spray paint.

  11. Plastic Containers

    Spray Paint ContainersLewisville Love

    A quick way to class up your pantry is to get matching, elegant containers for rices, flours, and spices. Instead of buying an expensive, designer set, spray paint the tops of your plastic containers instead! Choose a glamorous color, like a metallic, and use printable labels to keep everything organized.

  12. Flower Pot

    Spray Paint PotsCasa Cullen

    Few things are as easy to spray paint as the blank surface of a terracotta pot! Giving your pots a bold, bright makeover is the perfect way to upgrade your house front and up your curb appeal.

  13. Lighting Fixture

    Spray Paint Light FixtureOne Hundred Dollars a Month

    Just like a rusty faucet, a dingy lighting fixture can make a whole room look bleak. Fix it up with a fresh coat of spray paint! Just like that, you’ll have a good-as-new kitchen light in a stylish color.

  14. Painted Stick Decor

    Spray Paint SticksRuffled Blog

    For some unique outside decor, all you need is some neon spray paint and a few sticks from your backyard. Brightly painted sticks make for some perfectly funky (and cheap) decor when strung up above your backyard bash.

  15. Metal Folding Chairs

    Spray Paint ChairsHomeTalk

    For your next outdoor movie night or backyard picnic, don’t be embarrassed to bust out your old, metal folding chairs – not when they look like-new with some fresh, fun coats of paint! This DIY instantly transforms the look of any outdoor party and is so simple to pull off.

Have you used spray paint in your decor in a creative way? Share your project ideas in the comments section below.