If you’re craving some new, jazzier stuff around your house, head to the store. But don’t buy new stuff – just buy some spray paint to make your old stuff look all shiny and new! Spray paint is the unexpected but handy reviver of old furniture, boring decor, or dingy fabrics. It can take anything ordinary and make it colorful and chic – all in a matter of minutes and for only a few bucks. That sounds a lot better than spending hundreds on new furniture, doesn’t it? Take a look at some of the ways spray paint can completely transform your old stuff.

1. Outdoor Cushions

spray_fabricHome Stories A to Z
Our outdoor furniture tends to take a lot of flack – it’s weathering the elements, plus probably a good amount of dirt and food spills. If your cushions are looking dingy, don’t replace them! Spray paint them a bold color for a more clean look.

2. Woven Baskets

spray_wickerTwo Delighted
 The simplicity of woven baskets can be nice on its own, but if you’re looking for a little more flare, spray paint yours a fun metallic.

3. Curtain Rods

Curtain Rod UpgradeR&R At Home
Just because your curtain rod is from Walmart doesn’t mean it has to look cheap! Spray paint it a classy color for an instant enhancement to your decor. (We’re big fans of metallics, they do it all.)

4. Creative Decor

Spray Paint SticksRuffled Blog
Spray paint can make anything look like it belongs in Better Homes and Gardens – even sticks! For outdoor or indoor decor, find some hefty sticks, and spray paint them fun colors for an artsy, all-natural vibe.

5. Bathroom Faucet

Spray Paint FaucetBlesser House
Are you sick of rust and water stains haunting your faucets? Simple solution: Spray paint them! You’ll add a chicness to your bathroom or kitchen AND nix the appearance of water stains all at once.

6. DIY Vase

Spray Paint VaseHammer and Heels Blog
Mercury glass has a cool look…and a high price tag. To get this affect for next to nothing, spray paint your glass vase with silver spray paint.

7. Folding Chairs

Spay Painted Metal ChairsHometalk
Have an outdoor picnic or party coming up? You’ll probably be looking for metal folding chairs, which you can find for cheap just about anywhere. If the chairs are rusted or just boring, spray paint them fun colors to jazz up your party atmosphere!

8. DIY Containers 

Spray Paint ContainersLewisville Love
Do you love the look of animal cracker jars but hate that cheesy plastic top? Then nix the plastic look! Spray paint the top a fancy color and replace the label with a free printable online for cheap but classy kitchen containers.

9. Terra Cotta Pots

Spray Paint PotsCasa Cullen
For added curb appeal, spray paint the pots outside your home! They’ll go from bland to glam in a few quick minutes.

10. Lighting Fixtures

Spray Paint Light FixtureOne Hundred Dollars a Month
A lot of people hate the look of their brass lighting fixtures. If you’re one of them, spray paint the metal bits something more subdued that you feel matches your decor better – black, perhaps?

11. Patio Furniture 

Spray Paint Patio FurnitureHometalk
Like we said, outdoor furniture has a tough job. And sometimes, not just the cushions get roughed up. If your whole furniture is looking a little worse for the wear, give the whole thing a new coat of paint to make it look good as new!

12. Metal Furniture

Dingy metal furniture is practically begging for you to spray it with fun, new colors. Black is so bland and that metal tends to chip and look not-so-nice. Refresh the whole look of your set with a bright new palette.


Have you used spray paint to upgrade any of your furniture or home decor? Share your project ideas in the comments section below.