8 Reasons You’ll Want A Spoon In Your Make-up Kit

I don’t think I’m alone in imagining that makeup tools are expensive – as in out-of-budget expensive. But surprise! The most handy tool for beauty hacks is right in your kitchen, right now. In fact, I bet you have a whole stack of them just sitting in a drawer. What is this mysterious, secret beauty weapon? A spoon! It sounds crazy, but spoons are so much handier for your beauty needs than you might imagine! Check out the video below and learn 8 amazing hacks that you can accomplish using a regular old spoon.

Trick 1 – Marbleized Nails
For a wicked cool nail art affect, mix two polish colors on the tip of your spoon using a toothpick. Don’t mix too much, you want that marbleized look. Dip your nail in and you’ve instantly got an amazing looking mani at no extra cost!

Trick 2 – Contour Perfectly
Figure out the elusive contouring technique with a spoon! Put it right on the apple of your cheek and you’ve got the perfect outline to contour.

Trick 3 – Curl Your Lashes
Warm the bowl of your spoon with your hand (not too hot!) and press it against your lashes so it makes a curl! Apply mascara immediately.

Trick 4 – Keep Your Eyelid Clean
Place the spoon over your eyelid to keep mascara from getting all over your eyes.

Trick 5 – Deflate Bags
Use a cooled metal spoon under your eyes to reduce puffy under-eye bags.

Trick 6 – Fix Broken Eye Shadow
Break up the rest of the eye shadow with the spoon. Apply some rubbing alcohol so it becomes a paste. Use the spoon to pat it back down and let it harden back into shadow overnight!

Trick 7 – Perfect the Cat Eye
Use your spoon as a stencil to perfect your winged eyeliner.

Trick 8 – Freshen Breath
Freshen nasty breath by scraping your tongue with the spoon. Sounds weird, but most of the bacteria and smell from bad breath is coming from your tongue. With a scrape, you instantly freshen your breath! (Make sure to disinfect that spoon afterwards.)

Do you have any spoon tips? Share your hacks in the comments section below.