Watch This Puppy Learn How To Splash

We’ve all always known that dogs love swimming in the pool just as much as we do, if not more, and we love watching their sweet hijinks in the water. Since so many of them take so naturally to the water, and because there’s even a swimming style named after their paddling, it’s easy to think that it’s something all dogs naturally want to do— even when they are a little weird about it. So it can be easy to forget that a pool is very different from the rivers or lakes where our pup’s ancestors learned to swim, and that ours might need to do a little waiting, a little watching, and a little learning. Let’s have this adorable Boxer puppy demonstrate.

First there’s the warm-up to actually dive into the pool.

That went well! Now it’s time for the puppy to look around, watch his fellow kids floating and bobbing, and wonder for a bit just what the point of this swimming thing all is.

Once he gets his bearings, this puppy is all in for some family pool time. Even better? All that watching he did means he’s learning much more than how to swim. He’s learning how to PLAY in the water, and for him and the kids in the family, that means one thing: joining in the splashing game!

Yup, he’s learned how to splash! How cute is that? We just love how once he gets the hang of it, he’s so enthusiastic, and pretty good at aiming his splashes at the kids! Watch the full clip below from Rumble’s Soccerplayyaa23 to see more of this Boxer puppy’s splashing and swimming skills in action, then check out this clip where he moves on to another fun pool toy. Do your pets play like this one in the pool? How do they feel about splashing?