Clever Tips to Get Your Spices Organized

If you love to cook, odds are you’re rolling in spices. And while those spice bottles may look tiny, don’t be fooled – they take up tremendous amounts of space. If you’re looking for a way to store your many spices without (gasp) getting rid of some, try some of these organizational tricks! Whether you’ve got spice containers big or small clogging up your drawers or pantry, these organizational tips are bound to inspire you to take action and get your spices in order. Watch the video below.


We love the approach she took with the spice cabinet! She bought a bunch of large mason jars at the dollar store and used them to house her larger boxes of spices – let’s face it, mason jars hold so much more and look so much cuter than those bulky containers.

Also, she showed us a great general cabinet trick: use Tupperware that has no lid to raise up bottles or spices in the back of your pantry! This way, you don’t have to struggle to find things all on the same level.


She got right to the point by putting a regular, wire spice rack IN HER SPICE DRAWER. Brilliant.

Spice racks don’t have to hang, you can lay them down horizontally and stack your spices that way. Anything that doesn’t make it to the rack can lay down along the sides of the drawers.

Do you have any tricks for organizing your spices? Share them in the comments section below.