Meet the Savory Donuts that are Causing a Stir

Adventurous foodies often dare to cross into the realm of wild food marriages, eating the stuff their dreams are made of, like waffle cakes, PB & J burritos, or bacon cracks. No pairing is off limits.

When eating your plate of regular- but-yummy spaghetti, does your mind drift to places where spaghetti isn’t used to going? Can you see it doing other tastier things outside of its comfort zone? It’s being done right now, folks. Right now. Pop Pasta has brought Spaghetti Donuts to our galaxy.

Oh yeah. Is it pasta? Is it a pastry? Who cares!? Good Day New York on Fox 5 brought Luigi Fiorentino of Pop Pasta onto their show to explain the origin of this delicacy. A take on a classic Neopolitan dish – the spaghetti pie – they’re simply pressed into the shape of a doughnut and baked.
The savory treats can be found in Brooklyn at Smorgasburg, an open air food market in the Williamsburg neighborhood where they’ve been selling like hot doughnuts. Luigi explains that he’s not a chef but an architect, so when cooking up ideas for the product he thought of the doughnut shape. Who can’t appreciate a good doughnut?
Traditional spaghetti pies are made with cooked spaghetti, eggs, and cheese, and are either fried or baked. Sliced up, people loved to eat them warm or cold, night or day. Pop Pasta has taken the original pie concept and spun it on its head by offering these bite-sized versions in multiple flavors. The eggy mixture is the force that binds these together, and the toasted pasta delights are big sellers at the market.

Luigi tells the crew on Good Day New York that their doughnuts are considered a snack, similar to having a slice of pizza or a hot dog. You can walk and eat it at the same time. Pop Pasta offers six flavors including: red sauce, carbonara (comes with bacon), Bolognese, and mac and cheese. Say what? Spaghettified mac and cheese in a doughnut? Count us in.
Watch the video to see hosts Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly taste test several flavors of the spaghetti doughnut. We know you’ll be imagining how they smell and taste too, but unfortunately Pop Pasta is only available at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg. At this time, there is no restaurant or delivery available. Some of you will have to keep dreamin’.
These doughnuts are just the right size for knocking out the munchies or late night cravings. But before you get any bright ideas about launching your own spaghetti doughnut startup company, you should know that Luigi has already filed patents for the “Spaghetti Donut”.
Pop Pasta continues to develop new flavors that are sure to bump up your carb cravings. If you’re looking to try one, you’ll have to head to the Big Apple. Just be sure not to ask for powdered sugar.

What do you think of this food marriage? Is it a food dream or food blasphemy? Are you a fan of traditional spaghetti pies? Share with us in the comments!