When you think of a tiny house, you probably don’t imagine a place where there’s space to spare. Generally, you’d be right. But with this tiny house, there is plenty of space – even if it’s only 220 square feet! This house was designed by the students at Yestermorrow Design and Build school, and they aimed to create a house that felt like it was twice as huge as it was. This was done through some extremely creative design and brilliant use of space. Watch the video below to see all the amazing features of the home.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a tiny home or not, these space-saving tricks can apply to anyone! Even if you love your house, try some of these tricks out in your space and see how much less-cluttered and larger your home will feel.

Some of the tricks we love most are in the kitchen! The stovetop is hidden beneath the counter, and the storage for pots and pans are hidden underneath the stove and even in the walls. Brilliant.

Best of all is the above-sink drainer. Save some kitchen counter space with this drainer that’s located above the sink – this way, when you clean your dishes, you can place them in the drainer and let them drip dry into the sink.

Beyond the excellent storage in this home, the key behind this spacious tiny house are the ceiling. Elevated so that they’re lofted ceiling, this raised roof really gives the appearance of a larger-than-life home. Crazy.