Have you ever seen those mystery movies where there’s a secret, fake wall that leads into a secret room? Well…this isn’t exactly that. Some might say that it’s even cooler, though! This one bedroom apartment is completely decked out in space-saving furniture that can transform one room into two or three just by pulling out a shelf or turning around a secret wall. Check out the brilliant ways this man saved space with economical furniture choices and prepare to get inspired for your own home!



The secret to all these genius furniture pieces is hydraulics. The upgraded Murphy bed is beneath a bookshelf that gracefully lifts to reveal the hidden bed, quite effortlessly thanks to the hydraulics driving it.

All of the bookshelves, couches and desks are sold at a retailer called Resource Furniture. If you’re looking to re-engineer your home, we hope you got inspired by some of these space saving techniques and unique pieces of furniture!