This Grandma is Witnessing an Ultrasound for the First Time. Watch Her Reaction as the Baby Makes Some Unexpected Moves!

Pranks usually yield some pretty polarizing results; you either pull it off or you don’t! Nonetheless, any seasoned prankster will tell you that the rush that comes from planning a perfect prank is SO satisfying. Today, we’re going to show you an impressive one executed by everyone’s favorite talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel. This guy seriously knows how to torment his family!

So, let’s set the stage. Jimmy Kimmel starts off by introducing the stars of this hilarious clip: his cousin Micki and his Aunt Chippy. The host remarks that his cousin “might be the nicest person in the world,” but his aunt on the other hand . . . not so much. He only describes her as being “as sweet as a shot glass full of gasoline.” Ouch!

Jimmy then explains that Micki is pregnant and ready to have her kid any day now. Her mom, Jimmy’s Aunt Chippy, has never seen a sonogram performed before, so the jokesters over at the show thought that it would be funny to mess with this sour lady. To do this, he enlisted the help of his graphics department to create an animated “active fetus” for the monitor.

Apparently, Jimmy “wanted to give Aunt Chippy the most incredible sonogram that anyone has ever seen.” Yup, you already see where this one is going, right? Brace yourself, guys; this is going to get weird!

So, Jimmy being the tactful, detail-oriented guy that he is, sends both mother and daughter to a real OB/GYN clinic to get the “sonogram” performed. It’s obvious that the comedian is taking this prank very seriously. He and his assistant are even donning blue scrubs and surgical masks. We must admit, the duo do look pretty authentic!

He and his crew watch the hidden camera monitors closely as both Aunt Chippy and cousin Micki sign in and get escorted to the exam room where the two immediately start making small talk. This is where we learn that Micki is in on the prank as well—the guys have outfitted her with a covert ear piece in which they are feeding lines to her to say to her mother.

As expected, they’re pret-ty hilarious! We are also starting to get a bit of a taste of Aunt Chippy’s colorful personality—yikes!

Suddenly, the technician enters the room and begins the “sonogram.” Remember: all of the images being shown on the monitor have been fabricated by Jimmy’s talented team.

After some awkwardly funny back-and-forth, Aunt Chippy is finally graced with the image of her new “grandson.” The “baby” seems to be quite advanced for his age—clapping, eating his boogers, and even making some inappropriate hand gestures. We bet you can guess what they might be!

The prank goes even further after that. You just have to watch the rest of it to see and believe it. Click on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s video below to witness this ridiculous family moment for yourself. We think that Aunt Chippy might just be the most gullible person the planet!

What do you think of Jimmy Kimmel’s prank? Are you a prankster yourself? If so, what was the biggest prank that you have managed to pull off? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!