One of the most iconic labels in fashion happens to be Converse. The signature sneaker brand is a staple in pop culture, athletics, and closets everywhere. That’s why lovers of “Chucks” do whatever they can to preserve them.

Hundreds of thousands of Converse shoes get bought and worn every day. You might even have a pair or five sitting in your shoe collection right now! But did you notice how dirty they can get? We know, we know, that’s part of their charm. However, there’s nothing wrong with giving your Chucks a good scrubbing once in a blue.

Because of how they’re made, that’s not always an easy task. You may already be following the cleaning instructions that came with them, but one young lady came up with a magical recipe that made her kicks look like they were just unboxed.

Sarah Tracey posted her cleaning tips on Twitter with a before-and-after pic of her Chucks, and it’s got other devotees of the shoe singing her praises through social media. Just take a look for yourself:

The college student logged a lot of miles in her canvas sneaks, so they’ve taken a beating. How did she do it? Here’s the formula according to Sarah’s tweet:

Rinse your shoes. Mix a ratio of 1 part baking soda to 1 ½ parts laundry detergent, and scrub the mixture into your shoes with a toothbrush. Let them sit.

Next, rinse them again, run them through a cold water cycle in the washer, and apply a sprinkle of baby powder. Let them air dry or sit them out in the sun. And hey, don’t forget to take the laces out before you begin!

Her tweet quickly went viral once folks saw the amazing results of her cleaning job. Some commenters chimed in with their own sneaker whitening recipes that include using a peroxide blend or the dangerously sole-damaging chemical bleach. But Sarah’s method works for other canvas sneakers, so feel free to show your Keds or Vans some love too.

Some cleaning experts advise against tossing your sneakers into the washing machine, and suggest another technique. Whip up a baking soda-vinegar paste combo to scrub them, dip them into clean water to rinse, and then allow them to air dry.

If you’re worried about the washer assaulting your precious Chucks, you can avoid it altogether or protect them by placing them in a wash bag or pillow case. Then wash them using the gentle/delicate setting.

Sarah’s tweets garnered over 300,000 likes and nearly 100,000 shares among people seeking the cure for dirty shoes, but there were some Converse fans who oppose cleaning them at all. They love the ragged look and feel it adds to their coolness. If you’re sentimental about where your sneakers have been, their rips, and their streaks of dirt, preserve that.

Or, clean them up. Go with whatever floats your boat.

What are your thoughts on this young lady’s hack? Do you prefer your Converses worn or reasonably clean? How do you keep your canvas shoes clean?