She Pours This Over Homemade Chex Mix. What Comes Out of the Crock Pot is the Perfect Snack!

When potato chips are too boring but you’re still craving something salty, what do you do? Make some Chex Mix! If that doesn’t sound exciting to you, that’s because you haven’t seen this video recipe idea from Show Me the Yummy. They add a special seasoning to some Chex Mix and heat it up perfectly in the slow cooker. The result? A perfectly addicting homemade snack. Just watch!

You’ll Need

– Chex Mix cereal
– Pretzels
– Cheez-Its
– Melted butter
– Ranch dressing seasoning mix
– Worcestershire sauce
– Garlic powder
– Chili powder

What we love about this idea is how easy it is to make it work for your family based on your favorite flavors! Do you like the sauce they use here? How would you change it up for your favorite flavor profile? Are there any other salty snacks you think would mix well with the Chex Mix?