She Stuffs Apple Slices Into Her Pork Tenderloin. What She Does Next – So Clever!

I was already primed to love this recipe when I saw the words “Slow Cooker” in its title, but then when I saw the way she preps the pork, I knew that it was true love. I can’t think of another recipe that combines the convenience of a crock pot, the fancy feeling of skillfully-prepared pork, and the best tastes of fall as well as this one does. It’s all thanks to Jennifer West of Pink When, and it is DELICIOUS. Just watch!

You’ll Need

– Pork tenderloin
– 2 green apples
– 2 cups beef broth
– Cinnamon and sugar (optional)

Need that recipe written out? Then head on over to Pink When for that and for more tips and tricks. Have you ever seen anything like this recipe before? What other fruits – or veggies! – do you think you could use instead of apples to take this dish to winter, spring and even summer for year-long enjoyment?