Doing chores is the absolute worst. Taking out the trash, making the bed, scrubbing down the toilets—it all just makes us want to scream must we be an adult?

One of the worst chores of all? Sweeping and mopping the floor. Some people might not mind it, but honestly? I hate it! It seems like the floor gets dirty again right after I sweep or mop it. If you have pets or kids, you probably know that struggle too.

If only there was a way to make cleaning the floor a bit more fun. If only it would magically clean itself when I walked across it.

Wait a minute—a product like that exists! There are literally something called “washable dust mop slippers” and we’re not sure why this is the first time we’ve ever heard of them. We already want to buy five pairs!

These little babies slip right over your shoe and clean the floor just by simply walking over it.

You simply take the shoe cover and slip it over your shoe—and suddenly your feet act as a mop so you can clean and dust the floor. Bye-bye dirt and pet hair, hello clean fun!

These slippers are made of a super soft microfiber chenille fabric, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your floors. What’s more, you can toss them right in the washer or dryer when you’re done with them for easy cleaning. They’ll pop right back on after as they’re reusable for your convenience (and wallet!).

Probably the best part of all? They’re one size fits all, so they fit everyone from adult men and women to kids.

That’s right—kids! Recruit the little ones, who are going to want to help you clean the floors with these fun slippers! They come in fun blue, green, orange and purple colors so they can pick and choose which they’re feeling that day.

Customers from all different backgrounds are absolutely loving these slippers.

“I love these. Made the purchase to get my employees more enthusiastic about cleaning the floors at the hair salon, and it worked,” one person wrote.

“These are amazing! I can get so much sweeping done while I do laundry, cook dinner, etc. and comfy to wear like fuzzy socks!” someone else commented.

“I put these on over my tennis shoes (size 5.5) and mopped the kitchen, bath, and wood floors of a tiny house. Did a good job and much easier on the back! I will use them all the time. I use a squirt bottle floor cleaner and just skated along cleaning as you go,” another enthusiastic person wrote.

See, they really do work!

Now if you’re not feeling the bright colors, there’s another pair similar to these, but with the cutest snuggly happy face design. They work in the same exact way, cleaning and dusting any dirty hardwood, lament, tile floors simply by walking. Easy peasy, and so much better than pulling out the mop!

What do you think of these awesome slipper cleaners? Will you be ordering a pair, or buying one for a friend who hates cleaning the standard way?