If you have ever been to a salon and allowed the stylists to have complete creative control over your new look, you know that it can be somewhat of a daunting task. In fact, we bet the mere idea of plopping down in a seat and letting a hairdresser have their way with your mop sends shivers down your spine!

Nevertheless, if you are considering taking this type of high-risk style plunge, we have a video that proves that this type of shear bravery (get it??) can totally pay off.

First of all, don’t let that headline at the top of the article deceive you; this incredible makeover story isn’t just about one woman’s physical transformation, it’s about two! As a matter of fact, the beloved Makeover Guy and his team manages to make two family members feel gorgeous once again.

The two sisters, Bonnie and Kristin, hail from the great state of Wisconsin, and though they certainly are lookers to begin with, it’s obvious that neither is completely happy with their pre-makeover appearances.

Bonnie says that her motivation behind seeing the Makeover Guy is to settle on a look that suits her best, as she feels like she is starting to look older these days. Her sister Bonnie remarks that she just wants to look “more refreshed.” And, though neither one knows what to expect, the two are completely open to letting the experts work their charms. Good for them!

For Bonnie’s makeup portion, the artist focuses on bringing out the color of her hazel eyes. She says that using black eyeliner is key as it “makes the eyes look brighter and more youthful and sparkle more.”

The Makeover Guy decides to chop off several inches from her original shoulder length bob. This is done in order to give her mane a more voluminous, beachy feel. Another stylist says that the key to achieving her look is to run a curling iron over the surface of the hair. This technique “smooths and polishes” any portions that may have frizzed up in the drying process.

Kristin ends up receiving a rich mahogany color job that we think really complements her olive skin tone and green eyes. Unlike her sister’s new short locks, the stylists decide to keep the length of her hair and add in tons of layers, which give her some serious body.

As for Kristin’s makeup, the artist swipes on a beautiful, sparkling reddish mauve to her lip and some earth-tone purples to her eye area. Both sisters are extremely pleased with their results, but we think Kristin’s transformation is by far the most inspiring. She looks so much more confident than she did when she walked in!

To see this heartwarming makeover for yourself, be sure to click on the Makeover Guy’s video below. We think that the stylists did a great job of giving each sister her own unique look. Well done!

What do you think of this special double makeover? Would you have styled these two sisters differently? Have you ever participated in a family makeover? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!