Simplify Nail Polish Removal With This DIY Bottle

Painting your nails with elaborate and colorful nail art is all fun and games until it’s time to take the polish off. When you reach that point, you suddenly find yourself covered in shedding cotton balls and desperately trying to get the smell of the remover out of your nose, all while there’s still bits of polish stuck to your fingers. Why not simplify the process with this idea from Easy Fresh Ideas and make your own nail polish remover bottle that’ll have your polish off in no time flat?

You’ll Need:

– Fresh, clean, normal cleaning sponge
– Your favorite nail polish remover
– Hobby knife
– Clean container: An empty, cleaned pill bottle will work nicely

How To:

  1. Cut the sponge so it is about the same size as your container.
  2. On the top side of the sponge, make a mark in the shape of a “Y.”
    Easy Fresh Ideas
  3. Cut deeply along the mark using the hobby knife.
    Easy Fresh Ideas
  4. Slowly roll the sponge and stuff into the container. The cut should be at the top.
    Easy Fresh Ideas
  5. Insert a pen or a pencil into the cut opening. Move it up and down to widen the gap into a permanent one.
    Easy Fresh Ideas
  6. Carefully pour the nail polish remover into the container. Pour slowly enough for the sponge to absorb the liquid.
    Easy Fresh Ideas

To use, simply dip your polished finger into the sponge opening, rotate the bottle two or three times, and remove. Easy!

Easy Fresh Ideas
Have you ever made something like this remover bottle before? What are your best methods to get layers of nail polish off?