from Tip Hero L.D. Meyer

If you live alone like me you probably hate throwing out celery because there is no way to use all the celery that’s in those plastic sleeves. One way is to wrap the celery in aluminum foil, don’t ask me why this works but it does another way is to wash and cut the celery stalks to length and put them in like a repurposed instant coffee or pickle jar and fill it with water and put the lid on and refrigerate. This makes it handy to chop up for chicken and tuna salad, dinner salad, or for a snack fill the center of a stalk with peanut butter or cream cheese, celery is quite healthy.

When onions and bell peppers are on sale I dice them up and put in ziplock bags and freeze, I tried this with celery but it’s mushy when thawed. When or if you buy liquid eggs just divvy them up in ice cube trays and freeze, two tbsp = one cube. When defrosting be patient and microwave a little at a time or they’ll start cooking or put them in a dish and set it in warm water. Well, happy frugaling, use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without. Shalom!