You know when a recipe of yours requires a tablespoon of honey or a half cup of molasses and a bunch of the sticky ingredient gets stuck on the measuring tool? Well, Alton Brown has a really easy solution that will help you to get more of that ingredient into your recipes and off of the spoon or measuring cup. Take a look:

This is a pretty old trick, but I recently re-discovered it thanks to Alton’s post-it note tweets. All you do is give your measuring cups or spoons a quick spray with cooking oil (if you have a spritzer you fill with oil, that’ll work too) before you pour in the sticky stuff. You don’t need a ton of spray either’a quick pass will do. You just want to coat it so the honey or sauce or whatever you’re measuring slides right off.

Using this tip, you’ll waste less of your precious ingredients and save yourself some time between replacing them!

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Source: Alton Brown