Simple Solution for Keeping Your Toilet Clean

We don’t think anyone actually enjoys cleaning toilets, but unfortunately, it’s a job that must be done. However, you can make the job a lot easier by making these fizzies. Just drop them in the toilet to clean and eliminate smells in a pinch. All You shows us how it’s done:

Here’s what you’ll need to make the fizzies:

-1 cup baking soda
-1/4 cup citric acid
-1/2 teaspoon vinegar
-1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide
-15 to 20 drops essential oil
-Sheet pan
-Parchment paper
-Measuring spoons
-Spray bottle (optional)

And here’s how you make them:

  1. Add baking soda to a mixing bowl. Use a fork to break up any clump.
  2. Add in citric acid (or powdered produce preservative).
  3. Mix together vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in a small glass. Then, drop by drop, add this mixture to the baking soda mixture.
  4. Add essential oils and mix gently. You can use any oil you want, but something fresh-smelling (lavender, wintergreen, etc.) tend to work best.
  5. Use a 1/2 tsp to scoop and mold mixture into small half rounds. Tap the half rounds onto a parchment-covered sheet pan. If you want, spritz rounds with equal parts vinegar and water to create a crust (helps keep the fizzies together).
  6. Allow to dry for at least 4 hours (or overnight).
  7. Put dried fizzies in a glass jar and place near toilet for easy use whenever needed. And make sure you label the jar!