Be Amazed By This Shy Teen’s Powerful Voice

No matter which talent show he’s been a judge on, Simon Cowell brings his surliness like no other. Known for biting but honest remarks, he can make contestants and audiences alike cringe. No one is safe – not even grannies or children.

Though surprising, he usually manages to give credit where credit for talent is due. You don’t always know what to expect on these shows. Sometimes, when contestants first take the stage, they come stylized as pop stars, and others have a demure charm. As the saying goes: never judge a book by its cover.

This year on Britain’s Got Talent, a young girl named Jasmine Elcock auditioned for the show. With a shy and quiet demeanor, Jasmine walked onto the stage looking like an innocent child. When judge Amanda Holden asked her how old she was, Jasmine revealed she just turned 14. There was no glam pop-style fashion or makeup in the teen’s look, just a twinkle in her eye and a genuine smile.

Both of Jasmine’s parents can be seen beaming during her introduction to the judges and audience. After she spoke, she calmly adjusted her body and took a deep breath. And then it happened.

If you’re familiar with Cher’s 1998 hit “Believe”, then you know it’s an electro-dance song. But in this audition version, a soft piano melody began to play. Jasmine’s voice was strong but gentle in tone as she sang the first verse. The judges and crowd were immediately taken.

As she continued, her range was shown as she lilted between soprano and alto tones, hitting high notes and runs with strength. The piano continued to play the tune as a ballad, giving depth to Jasmine’s vocals and the lyrics to the song. All of the shyness left Jasmine as she went from a soft tone to a louder, rising crescendo as the song progressed. She ended her performance to cheers.

For this particular show, one of the wildcards is something called the golden buzzer. Bestowed on a lucky contestant by hosts Ant and Dec, the buzzer allows that person to automatically sail through to the next round. After Jasmine’s audition, the two rushed the judges table to award it to the young girl for her performance.

Judge Alesha Dixon was brought to tears during the performance and the other judges couldn’t stop grinning. Simon was moved enough to acknowledge an emotional Ant and Dec for presenting the golden buzzer. In all the excitement, Jasmine was hugged by the hosts and her father under a shower of gold confetti. The humble young lady thanked everyone, reverting back to her quiet disposition.

Simon’s closing comments alluded to the fact he thought all was lost in the competition until Jasmine showed up and blew them away. Clearly he was surprised! She was too, judging by the look on her face after all was said and done. Although she didn’t win the competition, Jasmine made it all the way through to the finals.

Today, Jasmine can be found performing throughout her country and we’re sure it’s the start of a long career for her. What do you think of this shy teen’s story? Do you like how she flipped the arrangement of Cher’s song? Tell us in the comments!